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Dec 19, 2020
We are back!

We were originally public back in September 2020, however after a month of being online our server was deleted by accident by our old host. Frustrated, we gave up and let the site rest. Until now.

As some of you are aware, xHamster and many porn sites have began deleting millions of videos. We can no longer download videos on xHamster, and our content is at risk of being randomly deleted. Due to this, we decided it is time to bring back encoxada.me

We are back and better than before. Right now we are a forum, however in a week or two we will have finished our web player. Soon you will be able to upload, share, comment and download encoxada videos on our site - for free! Our goal is to be the #1 site for encoxada content, whether it be videos or stories.

In order to join this community and enjoy the full perks of this website then make sure to register. We'll be adding a chatbox soon.

For now get comfortable in your new home. :)

To see the rest of the forum, you must register!
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